Cassandra Clare


The Bane Chronicles

Placeholder for the Bane Chronicles. Animated by the Manila Institute!

Ever wondered about the enigmatic, mysterious warlock Magnus Bane? The only character to appear in every Shadowhunter book, Magnus has a past even more shrouded in mystery than his present. I’ve teamed up with acclaimed YA writers Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan to create the Bane Chronicles, the backstory of Magnus told in ten linked stories.

Look for short stories like Vampires, Scones and Edmund Herondale; The Rise and Fall of the Hotel Dumort; Saving Raphael Santiago and What To Buy The Shadowhunter Who Has Everything (And Who You’re Not Officially Dating Anyway). Each story will be available as an ebook (Kindle, Nook, iTunes — however you usually buy ebooks!) on a monthly basis starting April 16 with the tale of What Really Happened In Peru. Each story will be released online for the next ten months — and then for those who don’t read e-books, the full print collection will be available in bookstores and wherever else books are sold. (All of these installments are available for pre-order on Amazon at $2.99. They will also be available for Nooks, Kindles, Sony e-readers, Ipads, and however else you may read e-books. Though the individual stories will not be released in print editions, eventually the collection will be bound as a book and released in stores. Currently, I don’t have information about when the stories will be up on other websites, or when/whether it will be translated into other languages. )

You can find a list of the Bane Chronicles titles and release dates here, along with excerpts of the audio editions read by Jesse Williams, Andrew Scott and more!