Cassandra Clare


About Getting in Touch

Please read the below before emailing, especially if you are asking about movies, casting, writing advice, an interview, or help with a school project.

1) So, can I email you?

I’m always happy to hear from readers who want to share their opinions of the books, their experiences, or who have questions or comments or just want to say hi. Unfortunately I can’t read unpublished work that is sent to me, for legal reasons. That includes synopses and detailed descriptions of  unpublished work. Please try a critique group like instead!

Mailing Address

Right now I’m moving so do not have a snail mail address. All correspondence must go through email. I am sorry, but that means that right now I can’t do signed books or bookplates. Check the FAQ page for information on how to get a signed book!

 Send Me an Email

The contact form is down for the moment while I catch up on emails!