Cassandra Clare

Short Fiction

Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories

“One Fortunate Future Day” Steampunk!, edited by Kelly Link and Gavin Grant, Candlewick/Walker, AUGUST 2011

“I’m still thinking about what Clare accomplished with “Some Fortunate Future Day” and how well she built a world in very few pages. The characters all develop well, the setting is killer, the technology is critical and the atmosphere is both alien and familiar. If you want to know how to world build then this one is a must read – just be warned that it will stay with you long after the last perfect page.” — Chasing Ray

“Veteran editors Link and Grant serve up a delicious mix of original stories from 14 skilled writers and artists. Among the many high points: Cassandra Clare’s creepy “Some Fortunate Future Day,” in which a lonely girl, grown bored with her sentient clockwork dolls, develops a crush on a wounded soldier.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“The collection is carefully organized, frontloaded with bound-to-be- popular selections from Libba Bray (girl power in the Old West) and Cassie Clare (unrequited love, talking dolls and second chances) and then moving into less well-known contributors. A couple of graphic tales mix with literary hard hitters like Elizabeth Knox (a dark, dreamy and  tragic look at the nuances of relationships) and co-editor Link (whose “Summer People” riffs on old tales of Faeries and humans). Steampunk is hot at the moment in literature, art and fashion: This collection taps into the ethos without ever seeming topical or transient, thanks to contributions rich with much more than just steam and brass fittings.” — Kirkus review, STARRED

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