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Where do the names of characters and places in your books come from?

All the people and place names in the books are real names. Even Idris and iratze are real words. You can find out their pronunciation by doing this. Really, it works, I promise. 🙂 The reason I don’t provide a pronunciation guide to the words in the books is that... — read more »

Jocelyn’s Story

This is the story of Jocelyn’s early life, as told to Clary, so remember — “you” in this story is Clary, listening.* Though this was originally written as part of City of Glass, it was too long, explained too much, and had to be shortened and altered. While it’s fun... — read more »

Where did you get the idea for the Mortal Instruments books?

The idea for the Mortal Instruments came to me one afternoon in the East Village. I was with a good friend of mine, who was taking me to see the tattoo shop where she used to work. She wanted to show me that her footprints were on the ceiling in... — read more »


♦ The Shadowhunter Chronicles The Mortal Instruments (6 books) New York is the city that never sleeps — but evil spirits, angels, warlocks, faeries and shadow-hunters don’t need much rest anyway. The city is home to Cassandra Clare’s young-adult debut novel, a cool, pleasingly dark and spicy urban fantasy called... — read more »